9 minutes, 2008
Newsnight, BBC2
Producer-Director: Amir Amirani
Programme Deputy Editor: Jasmin Buttar

This is the story of a remarkable 87 year old man, Sidney Rittenberg, whose own personal journey reflects China’s journey in the last three decades. He was drafted into the army and sent to China during WWII. When the Americans left, Rittenberg sought out and joined the Communists, befriending Chairman Mao. He spent a total of 35 years in China and has known every Chinese leader since Mao. Mao jailed him twice in solitary confinement, the first time for 6 years, and the second time for 10 years, after which he returned to the US. He now advises American companies on how to do business in China.

Includes interviews with Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service, and Dr. Cheng Li, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institute.