30 minutes, 1999
Picture This, BBC2
Producer-Director: Amir Amirani
Editor: Anna Turville
Camera: Chris Morphet
Series Editor: Peter Symes

This was my first film. I had always been fascinated by Blue Plaques, and I wanted to know what the story behind them was, who got them and how they ended up on the walls on buildings in London. When I heard that a plaque would be installed on the house where Jimi Hendrix once lived, I knew it would be the subject of my first film, which was commissioned by Peter Symes for the BBC. It tells the story of how the Hendrix plaque was proposed by his former girlfriend, and we see the process from start to finish of the plaque being made and unveiled. It is a film about memory, and how people wish to be remembered.

Contributions include:

English Heritage’s blue plaque committee, including committee chair Frances Carnwath, and David Starkey.

Former girlfriend Kathy Etchingham

Pete Townshend of The Who

Noel Redding, from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Plaque makers Sue and Frank Ashworth

Peter and Dizzie Reeves, Blue Plaque Fans,

Mat Snow, editor of Mojo Magazine.