40 minutes, 2002
Correspondent, BBC2
Producer-Director: Amir Amirani
Camera: David Scott
Series Editor: Fiona Murch

This is an authored film written and presented by the writer Will Self, which examines and unpicks Britain’s ‘ethical foreign policy’. Arms manufacturers such as British Aerospace (BAe) and deals such as the mammoth Al Yamamah contract between Britain and Saudi Arabia are featured in a film in which not a single government official agreed to speak to us.

It was filmed in the UK and at the Defexpo arms fair in Delhi, India. Contributors include:

George Fernandez, Defence Minister of India in 2002.

Robert Lefever,  Director of the Promis Recovery Centre.

Major General Alan Sharman, Director General of the Defence Manufacturers Association.

Ann Clwyd, MP.

Mark Phythian, author of “The Politics of British Arms Sales”.

Prof. Malcolm Chalmers, of Bradford University’s Peace Studies dept, one of the authors of a report commissioned by MOD. When it showed evidence that was contrary to the govt position, it was buried.

Sir Samuel Brittan, of the Financial Times, who rejects the importance of arms sales to the economy.