7 minutes, 2003
Berlinale Talent Campus
Director: Amir Amirani
Producer: Klara Strejcek
Editor: Diana Karsten
Camera: Ralph Kaechele
Produced by Trigger Happy Productions in Berlin.

In 2003, I was selected to take part in the first Berlinale Talent Campus for young film makers at the Berlin Film Festival. All the invited film makers were asked to submit ideas for short films that would be made in Berlin during the week of the festival, to be chosen by Wim Wenders. Five were chosen and mine was one of them. My idea was that, as this would be the 53rd Berlin Film Festival, I would make a film about the number 53. I was sure that if I looked for all things ‘53’ in Berlin, I would find a story lurking underneath, and find surprising connections. There is a story in everything and everyone, if you look hard enough.

Features contributions from the Hollywood Dennis Hopper, Chinese film director Zhang Yimou, Italian director Gabrielle Salvatore, Elizabeth Cortinas Hidalgo, and the driver of the 53 tram in Berlin,  Freddy Sesler. And a cameo appearance by George Clooney.

The film won the Runner Up Prize at the Talent Campus Festival.